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Legal Techy Tuesday: have you registered yet?

About Legal Techy Tuesday: Centre for Legal Innovation (CLI) launched the Legal Techy Tuesday (LTT) series in October 2019. It’s a virtual series to host legaltech developers and users, to help understand mutual needs and expectations. It is an initiative to create an inclusive space for legaltech changemakers to come together to exchange ideas and impact the legal practice.

On Tuesdays, various legaltech developers are invited to chat about what they are doing, why and how it impacts legal practice. Typically, in an LTT webinar, the presenter will identify the problem they sought to solve, discuss how they went about solving it, and then show how all that came together via their solutions.

On 22nd March, 2022, LTT is hosting an India showcase, where Conduct and Presolv360 will be presenting. Click here to register.

Legal Techy Tuesday

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