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Former Chief Justice, Judges join Presolv360 ODR Institution’s Advisory Council

Presolv360, an ODR Institution working with various courts, and government and private entities has formed an advisory council comprising of Justice U U Lalit, Justice B N Srikrishna and Justice Kannan Krishnamoorthy to guide the institution on legal, ethical, procedural and policy related activities.
advisory council
From left to right: Former Chief Justice of India U U Lalit and former judges Justice B N Srikrishna and Justice Kannan Krishnamoorthy
With the enactment of the new legislation on Mediation and the ongoing review of the Arbitration law, there is a renewed focus on institutional ADR in India. Aligning with the views of the Government, Presolv360 stated that it wants to ensure that Online Dispute Resolution, like UPI, becomes another success story from India that the world looks up to.
“While technology is changing the dispute resolution ecosystem, it must be backed by strong institutions running ethically and following due process. I am delighted to lend my support to an institution that is at the forefront of this.”
– Justice Lalit, former Chief Justice of India.
Justice Srikrishna, a former judge of the Supreme Court and a pioneer in the growth of the Alternative Dispute Resolution story of India, said,
“For India to become a hub of ADR, as is the ambition these days, it must focus on two things – institutions and ODR. Presolv360 is working at the intersection of both.”
Justice Kannan Krishnamoorthy, a former judge of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana has been an empanelled mediator with Presolv360 for a few years already. He has mediated international disputes referred to him through Presolv360. He said,
“To see this organisation grow from an idea disrupting the legal-tech ecosystem to now seeking to become a leading ADR institution is heartening. ODR institutions must not be looked at any differently from the likes of SIAC or closer home, Delhi International Arbitration Centre & others.”
India has been leading the way in the adoption of ODR, however, Indian companies are still resolving their disputes in other countries. Presolv360 believes that building credible, cost-effective and efficient institutions will help the country take the next step in the ODR journey.
Bhaven Shah, Co-Founder of Presolv360, said,
“It is encouraging to have such legal luminaries support us to shape our vision and processes. We look forward to using their wisdom and experience to continue on our path to becoming a world class ADR institution. We wish for Presolv360 to become synonymous with ADR in the country and the region.”
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