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How to make a will in 1 click with DilseWill

How to make a will in India? Have you made your will yet? Whether your will is valid? Is your financial planning in place? Is your Estate and Succession Planning complete? Are these questions forcing you to think hard?

Did you know: More than 60% cases pending in various Indian courts are related to family and property disputes. More than half could have been avoided. If only the concerned property owners had a proper will in place.

A will is one of the best things you can do for your children. your answer to how to make a will in India

DilseWill is a one-stop solution provider for inheritance, estate and succession planning.


CA Raj Lakhotia and CA Namita Lakhotia conceptualized the idea of DilseWill. Firstly, it aims to spread awareness about how to make a will. Secondly it addresses the root cause of such disputes. Thirdly, it empowers people with a solution to avoid future litigations.

make will online India

Their team specializes in:

  • Taxation and tax consultancy
  • auditing
  • corporate finance
  • management consultancy
  • financial advisory, etc.

and others for last fifteen years.

How to make a will with DilSeWill:

Think how to make a will in India, think DilSeWill. DilSeWill is a one stop solution for making a will. Both online and offline. Along with other allied services. Their mission is to create awareness in the masses about the importance of making a will. Also, it provides state-of-the-art services in the field of estate and succession planning.

All you have to do is log on to their site:, follow their simple instructions and boom, you will have a valid will within minutes! Their site simplifies the process of making a will. Thereby also making it accessible and available to one and all.

What DilseWill offers:

How to make a will is one of their services. They also assist their users with consultations on various matters like:

  • Firstly, will related peculiarities
  • Secondly, provide legal advisory
  • Thirdly, registrations
  • Fourthly, probate work
  • Lastly, obtaining succession certificate and other allied services

These services are available at a very competitive pricing.

DilSeWill’s mission:

  • Firstly, to create awareness in the masses about the importance of making will even for young adults.
  • Secondly, to simplify the process of will making. Also to make it available to one and all, irrespective of geographical locations, at affordable prices.
  • Thirdly, to become a one stop solution provider for world class services in the field of estate and succession planning.

What makes DilSeWill unique:

The utility provided by DilseWill is very user friendly. How to make a will online in India is thought to be very complicated. However, DilSeWill makes it simple. Providing will making online is the prime differentiator from the competitors. The fact that now people need not visit a lawyer, compromise their productive hours, shell out a good amount to get their will made is the benefit that DilSeWIll provides. It is more efficient as compared to the traditional way of making will. With the evolving times, the need is to ease out the pain of travel and reduce the cost without compromising on the quality. DilseWill does exactly this. It has simplified the process of making a will.

All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps – register, pay, provide details and your will is ready.

Why and how to make a will?

Society comprises of smaller units known as families. The society can be a better place to live in only if the members of each family are in harmonious relationship with each other and have economic security for their future. Partially, this harmony can be achieved by making a will as it keeps at bay disputes for wealth amongst themselves after the demise of a family member. Similarly economic security for the future of the surviving members can be ensured by proper distribution of wealth through the will.

The team says:

Our focus and approach ensure unbreakable faith of our clients. Awareness is created through various mediums accessible to the public. Our focus is to provide customised will even though DilSeWill is an online platform. This is the reason we go an extra mile by providing necessary consultation and assistance. Team DilseWill works with a complete customer centric approach.

DilseWill’s value systems:

R&D has helped in giving the customers a hassle free and customer friendly experience. “With the ever evolving technology we need to upgrade ourselves to keep in pace,” say the Lakhotias. Also, the team claims to come back to work more excited and enthusiastic with each passing day. In addition, the evolution and dynamism of things around keeps their spirits always high. Their constant in-house research and feedback systems from clients help them to be updated about the market needs. Accordingly they keep making changes in their product base.

Keeping the employees content is very important.

Success isn’t easy. And doesn’t come without the combined efforts of many. It’s always teamwork. Firstly, valuing their inputs and ideas. Secondly, giving opportunities. Thirdly, creating a safe and nurturing environment. Lastly, taking care of healthy interpersonal relationships amongst them, are some of the ways in which the firm ensures their employee satisfaction and contentment.

Client satisfaction and customer feedback are of great importance to them. They help the to learn and improvise. Positive feedbacks keep them motivated.

Milestones and Road Ahead

The present government policies are very conducive to start ups. Such as, today start-ups have a lot of support from government bodies like DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion) and MEIT(Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology). In addition, many organizations like NASSCOM have come a long way in supporting start-ups. DilseWill is recognised by the DIPP. Also, it is a part of the NASSCOM 10000 Start Up 2019.

We are all earning and living a holistic life in this society. It is our moral responsibility that we should have at least one project which gives a solution to a major social problem as a gratitude gesture towards the society. Therefore, every person having savings and dependants is advised to make wills. It’s an appeal to the young and older generation. To understand the importance of making a will for the safety and security of their family.

“Death is certain, but the time is uncertain. Therefore, do not procrastinate. Make your will.”

In addition to this, if you are suffering a legal battle related to your familial property or the will of your parents or grandparents, click here to find an instant remedy by settling it out-of-court.

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