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Announcement: Nextlaw Referral Network joins hands with Presolv360 to promote ODR

About ODR:

ODR, or Online Dispute Resolution, refers to the use of technology in resolving disputes via various alternative mechanisms like arbitration, mediation and negotiation. ODR is often termed as the modern counterpart of ADR, which is Alternative Dispute Resolution. ODR is becoming an increasingly popular mechanism of resolving disputes across the globe, mainly owing to efficiency, reach, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to improve business intelligence through data about dispute management.

About Nextlaw Referral Network:

The Nextlaw Referral Network is the world’s largest, most sophisticated network of law firms in the world with presence in 200 countries and a global reach of 750+ firms and 36,000+ lawyers. This Network is created by Dentons, which is the world’s largest law firm. It’s members span more countries than any other legal referral network.

About Presolv360:

Presolv360 is a legal-tech company with a world-class ODR platform that specializes in commercial dispute resolution via its proprietary electronic arbitration and mediation modules. Presolv360 aims to make dispute resolution data-driven and inclusive.

About the collaboration:

This collaboration will join forces of both the organizations to market the concept of ODR across the globe. A blend of the Network’s member firms and reach, and Presolv360’s technologies and processes will accelerate the growth of ODR on the global stage.

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